Provincial Nominee Program

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Chan Migrate is Expert Canada Provincial Nominee Program Consultant in India will provide you definitive guide in immigrating to Canada, for free assessment. Canada’s Provincial Nomination program is an important feature of Canada’s Immigration Laws. This initiative by the Canadian Provinces has proved instrumental in facilitating the entry of skilled workers in the country as well as addressing the skill shortages faced by the province. Browse through each section for specifications on each PNP program.

Each province in Canada has different requirements of migrants depending on their labor shortage. Due to this reason, each of them has their own provincial nominee program which enable migrants to move to Canada much faster. This program enables migrants to work in their field of interest and since this program is based on the labor shortage, there are high chances of getting jobs quicker. People who apply and receive the nominations under this program can apply for work permit or permanent residency to Canada. Under this program, you can apply to the following provinces:

  • Quebec
  • Alberta
  • Nova Scotia
  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Yukon

Each of these above provinces have tailored their immigration plan depending on the province’s/territory’s specific needs and they select and nominate the candidate who will be able to settle in the life and culture of their region and contribute to the community effectively. These provinces/territories have special arrangements and agreements with citizenship and Immigration Canada which allow them directly to select these migrants and nominate them which fast track their application for permanent residencies with the Federal government.