Finland Investor Program

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Chan Migrate is a well-established and best Finland investor program consultant in India. Get your free assessment done by Chan Migrate lawyers. We are glad to help you make the optimal, efficient and economic choice, In order to get your first Residence Permit in Finland we will help you:

  • Start or buy remotely a company or a private legal entity in Finland
  • Arrange all documents and supervise the application of the documents to get the Residence Permits
  • Supervise all the process until getting the Residence Permits
  • In order to prolong and upgrade your Residence permit up to Permanent residence or the Citizenship
  • You have to generate enough income on the company’s account to pay your wage and taxes.
  • We are taking care of all included legal, tax and accounting aspects, supporting you all the way in every step.


Kindly see below the personal income sums that your Finish company should bring to you to support individual applicant of family members, This amount of salary, including the taxes should be paid by you every month to cover family expenses.

For a Company Founder, one private person without a family – the net salary should be 1300€ and approximately 300€ (at least) to pay the taxes (that makes 1600€ in total)


  • The spouse/partner will have the right to join the adaptation program and will be receiving a monthly grant of EUR 630.
  • Additional monthly EUR 200 bonus may be granted in case of learning the language.
  • Every 1st child under 18 can receive EUR 94 per month, 2nd – EUR 105, 3rd – EUR 135, 4rd – EUR 154, 5th – EUR 174. After 17 years old the benefit is EUR 500.
  • These sums usually fully compensate the residence permit running costs.
  • Free Education
  • Comprehensive Medical Coverage.


  • From the day one you can sponsor your family to settle along with your family.
  • Quick process and Citizenship.
  • Many people in Middle East are following this : you don’t need to leave GCC. You can stay here and work here and as your backup plan or to secure your future you can hold this EU residency as a dual nationality.
  • In the future if you want to send your all children for free education, all family for free medical, to avail all other social benefits, to open business or to settle in future you can do any time. While living in GCC, you can have another residency.
  • Finish passport is ranked the most strongest passports in the world, which allows  you to travel to approximately 127countries without visa.


  • Passport & Visa page copy
  • Educational Documents
  • Power of attorney
  • Police Clarence (Country of residence)


  • Bank Statement (Showing € 10800 in the account for each applicant)