Canada Spouse Visa

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Find out everything you need to know about Canada Spouse Visa Consultant in India, plus get a free Spouse Visa Assessment – Call Now. Through other immigration programs, if one has been able to move to Canada and has received a Permanent Residence visa, can also apply for a spouse visa. However, the sponsor must be of legal age of 18 years and must agree to support the spouse for minimum 3 years and dependents up to 10 years. A dependent on the spousal visa category has a right to live, work and study in Canada, as well as have access to Canadian healthcare, subsidized education, language, and employment programs. As with other countries, the applicants have a right to apply in the future for Canadian citizenship.

Please note that a marriage certificate is not sufficient to validate that the marriage is genuine and there is perchance that the visa application can be rejected by the authorities. With the number of increase in fixed marriages to get residence in a certain country, Canadian authorities are creating policies which protect the country from illegal immigrants. Similar difficulties can be faced when applying for fiancée visas.